Paradix apartments

All-round comfort

When restoring the buildings, designing the kitchens and other interior spaces we kept closely in mind the needs of our future guests. On holiday it is of course not always necessary to find exactly what one has at home. However, the question of quality remains the same.

apartment 3 sitting room

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apartment 4 sitting room

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For all the architectural details, Colin Glennie, a fervent architect and now the host of Paradix, was responsible. The pale floor tiles, white walls and striking touches of colour ensure a fundamentally Mediterranean ambiance. The furnishing assures a high degree of comfort as do the beds. The assorted towels and bed linen have been carefully chosen and the kitchens and their equipment should meet the needs of all cooks.

And that which is most important for those on holiday, the southern light flows through the generous window openings. Clear coloured curtains and sun blinds ensure both shade and privacy.

Nota bene

Each of the apartments 1-4 is equipped with a four-plate ceramic hob and oven, fridge-freezer, a safe and satellite TV, Internet access. In addition, a separate laundry room with washing machine is available for guests.

Five ‘safe’ parking spaces are available for guests immediately inside the gateway.

A limitation to which we must refer:
For reasons which we hope will be understood, dogs cannot be accepted.