Paradix garden and pool

For everybody’s enjoyment…

…there is the large garden. In the shade of century old plane trees or in other intimate corners, alone or in the company of fellow guests, one can read or chat, take a snack or drink a glass of one of the many excellent local wines. Olive, Eucalyptus, magnificent fig and many other shady trees and shrubs offer a wide variety of birds, shelter, food and ideal places to nest.

According to the season, lavender, roses, oleander and an endless variety of ornamental plants provide an ever changing array of colour. Rosemary, thyme, sage, basil, mint and other aromatic kitchen herbs thrive in abundance either directly in the earth or in pots. There they await to be picked and employed with pleasure.

For cooling off and pure enjoyment the swimming pool (12 x 6.5 m) equipped with a modern chemical-free sterilisation plant, takes full responsibility.

garden - entrance to Paradix
Paradix pool - swimming pool
Paradix pool to house view
Paradix garden - from house to seating
Paradix garden - from table to loungers
Paradix garden - from table to loungers
Paradix garde - table with wine

Take a walk around the garden